Sunday, September 26, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Endorsements

The St. Louis Tea Party announced yesterday that they endorse Ed Martin in the race for the Missouri's 3rd District Congressional seat in light of Martin's "amazing display of character and integrity."

Some examples of Martin's "character and integrity:"

  • Attacking Russ Carnahan's wife and late father.

  • Blatently lying about donations to Russ Carnahan.

  • Continuing to smear a whistleblower who had the audacity to suggest that the Blunt administration should follow the law when Martin was Chief of Staff.

  • Shamelessly exploiting 9-11 for politcal gain.

  • Asking the Carnahan campaign to hand over the personal information of 3rd district constituents.

  • Paying Chris Loesch's business $5,000 while wife Dana Loesch attacked Martin's Republican primary opponent.

  • Knowingly trying to get reporters to print false information about fake debates.

  • Lying over and over about the claim that the new health care bill is using taxpayer dollars for abortions.

  • Idiotically claiming that BP should be allowed to drill, "anywhere, anytime, anyhow," even after the oil spill, and then pretending that his wife's $100,000+ in Oil Stock and his fundraisers from "Drill Here, Drill Now" boosters have no influence on his positions.

  • Hypocritically hiding from debates with John Wayne Tucker

  • Filing his financial disclosure forms required by federal law 300 days late.

  • Collaborating with Adam Sharp to have Sharp run around screaming at Congressman Carnahan.

  • Misrepresenting quotes from Post Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan.

  • Claiming that 80% of Americans are "out of touch" for wanting to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell.

  • Spreading fake stories after they've already been discredited.

  • Cheering on his supporters and campaigners booting and torching a photo of Russ Carnahan.

  • Misusing the SaveAB email list after explicitly promising that he wouldn't.

  • Calling climate change science "garbage."

  • Claiming that Obama and Carnahan will take away Freedom to Find the Lord.

  • In other news, the tea party also endorsed Roy Blunt for his amazing courage and Todd Akin for his amazing ability to engage in nuanced and thoughtful political discussion.

    Seriously, though, does the tea party have some rule that they have to lie at least once in every public statement? I mean, I could understand if they said they endorse Martin because he wants to repeal health care reform. But "character and integrity'? Come on!

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    1. ST. LOUIS TEA PARTY, INC. is not the same as the St. Louis Tea Party.

      ST. LOUIS TEA PARTY, INC is the people you speak of- these so called "leaders" don't represent me.

      ST. LOUIS TEA PARTY, INC is representing the NeoCon hacks, which is just more of the same. O=W

      I hope in the future you will be able to give some headlines to the post-partisan rEVOLution that actually started the Tea Party Movement in 2007.

      Thanks for all you do!