Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Ed Martin Ducking Debate?

Below is the text of a post from John Wayne Tucker, the Republican primary opponent of Ed Martin, suggesting that Martin is desperately avoiding debate with Tucker. Recall that Tucker crushed Ed Martin in the Missouri Sovereignty Project Poll for the district, despite the fact that Martin repeatedly encouraged his supporters to vote for him.

Here's Tucker's post:
Where in the World is Ed Martin?
Where is Ed Martin?

The problem with politics is; well, it is politics. And many people running for office like to play funny games. There have been plenty of funny games played on me so far, but the most frustrating is the inability to pin Ed Martin down to a meeting with me. A Tea Party group had scheduled a meet and greet with Martin and myself almost a year ago and after agreeing to attend, flyers being printed and publicity paid for, he suddenly could not find time in his schedule. Today, I was at the Freedom Fights event in St. Charles where both Ed Martin and Roy Blunt were scheduled to appear. When I was able to finally be a part of this event ($295.00 to be a part of the event), Martin suddenly had another engagement. After Tweeting and Facebooking the standup, it was up in the air as to whether he would show. Finally, we were told that he would be there. He was in fact there. He worked the crowd, greeted his campaign workers and ten minutes before he was to climb in the ring with me and other candidates, he was missing again. Yes, he ducked out of the event!

Twice now, Martin has declined to meet me in a public forum. Once, it cost Tea Party members money. This time, it cost me campaign money. And still no public meeting with Martin. Frankly, it is difficult to see how a candidate who has no issues written on his website or anywhere in print that I have seen can expect the support of anyone. And now, he refuses to answer a few simple questions in a public forum where he expected his people to give up their Sunday and work for him. People paid money to come to the event to see him and we still do not know where he stands on issues. He has not completed the Abigail Adams Project survey or the Gun Rights Examiner survey. It took Martin 300 days to simply complete his FEC disclosure paperwork. What is taking up so much of his time? Is this transparency? Is he going to have time to return your calls or talk to you if he were to become a U. S. Congressman? The pattern here seems to suggest no.

Get in the Ring!

Oh yes, Roy Blunt didn’t show up either. Perhaps he and Martin were sipping a latte somewhere discussing their personal plans for fame and distasteful voting for the American people. There is not much time left in this primary. You can’t ignore me for the entire campaign Ed. I am passing you in success. You need to meet me in a public forum so we can find out just what the people are going to be voting for. Oh, but the people already know what I stand for. I have it clearly stated on my site, on all of the surveys I have received, and in my Pledge to America (a pledge so demanding that no politician in the world would sign it.). Come on Ed, you can’t hide forever.

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