Thursday, June 3, 2010

St. Louis Blog Posts for Progressives - June 2

Getting to this a bit late, but here are a few local posts that I enjoyed yesterday....

The Environment
Ryan Witt at the Political Buzz Examiner continues to be a go-to source of information about the BP Oil Spill. Here are a few of his posts from yesterday:
  • Jon Stewart makes fun of BP, President Obama for failed Gulf oil spill efforts.
  • Sarah Palin now claims she was against offshore drilling all along
  • BP CEO apologizes for his earlier apology over Gulf oil spill.
  • Conservatives now favor more government after the BP oil spill disaster
  • Florida holds special significance in BP oil spill disaster.
  • Latest updates and pictures from the BP oil spill.
  • Shark Fu at Anger Black Bitch discusses some Hollywood characters trying to offer suggestions on the BP oil spill.
    Erich Vieth discusses the things we don't know about climate science.

    Eric Vieth at Dangerous Intersection laments our current media environment. I'm with him on that (and most issues).

    Health Care:
    Nicholas Phillips at the RFT reports on some of the changes to the health care laws, in a rather snarky way.
    Left and Right agree (for different reasons): Roy Blunt whiffed on health care.
    Also from FiredUp Missouri, Peter Kinder appears to be skirting sunshine laws with his LLC.

    Kira Hudson Banks provides some context for Don't Ask Don't Tell.

    Kholood Eid shares some photos from a rally and counter-rally outside of Claire McCaskills office.
    Sheila at The American Muslim provided news updates and analysis of the flotilla incident.

    State politics:
    Nicholas Phillips at the RFT reports that the former Ladue Police Chief feels Vindicated by the attorney general's racial profiling report. The rest of us, hopefully, feel disturbed.
    Tony Messenger at the Post-Dispatch reports that Republican State Auditor candidate Tom Schweich says he won't accept gifts from lobbyists, but FiredUp reports the oddity of saying that while taking numerous checks for tens of thousands of dollars from various groups.
    Both Jake Wagman at the Post-Dispatch and St. Louis Public Radio reported on the united front of Francis Slay and Jay Nixon at a downtown development.
    Hotflash at Show Me Progress argues that Rick Stream is too far right for Kirkwood. Can't say I disagree.
    Sean at FiredUp discusses Ed Martin's New Jersey roots in the hilariously titled Scary Concept: When Being From New Jersey Is The Least Of Your Problems. For the record, I actually like New Jersey quite a bit (although Martin puts a damper on that enthusiasm), but check out this hilarious picture from FiredUp:

    St. Louis Built Environment/Urbanism
    Steve Patterson at Urban Review the debut of the Union Pacific's 'City of St. Louis' back in 1946.
    Paul at Vanishing St. Louis is doing an interesting series on the inception, demise, and re-use of St. Louis Centre.
    Courtney at Next Stop St. Louis reports on Metro partnering with the Koman Race for the Cure to fight breast cancer.
    Ecology of Absence announces an opportunity to tour Southwest Garden by bike this Saturday.
    Ian Frobe at the RFT announces the route for the second St. Louis Open Streets.
    Jeff Vines provides a guest post at Ecology of Absence reporting back from his trip to the Next American Vanguard Conference in Philly.

    Stephen's excited about not being a gardening failure! I know that feeling well.
    Contra Yogini discusses her experiments with St. Louis heat-based asceticism.
    Terry offers suggestions on how to offer IT support.
    Toby at B.E.L.T. has some automobile nostalgia.
    Eric Vieth at Dangerous Intersection discusses the value of failure.
    Creative St. Louis shows some video from an ongoing turf war over a prime graffiti location.
    Gloria at Occasional Planet discusses some past failed bids to the Supreme Court.
    Cool image of Cherokee Street at the Beacon.
    The Beacon also reports that unemployment has dropped in the Metro area.
    Creative St. Louis announced an experiential auction this Sunday at the Atomic Cowboy.

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