Friday, June 11, 2010

Fox and Friends Misleadingly Edits Video to Claim Tea Partier Was Attacked

Not really a St. Louis story, but following up on my previous post...

Fox and Friends presented a video they claimed showed that a man attacking "peaceful tea party protesters." You can watch their take here:

However, not only did Fox and Friends start the clip at a misleading time, they actually zoomed in to hide a full shot of the tussle, which seems to show the Republican pushing the guy they claim was an attacker. Here's their zoomed in shot:

And here's the actual video of how the tussle started:

And of course they failed to mention that both men were charged with simple assault.

"Fair and Balanced" in action again.

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  1. Interesting. I live in NC about 35 minutes from Greensboro and this got absolutely no press. nobody cared. Just a bunch of fools acting like fools.