Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Irony Alert: Loesch Worried About Tea Party Being "Co-Opted"

In this interview with her sponsor Fox News, Dana Loesch says that there are "shysters" who have been trying to "co-opt" the tea party movement. Here's Loesch:
There are shyters in there. There are people who have failed in business who want to get involved in the conservative movement because they look at it quite honestly as a gravy train. I have come across some of those people personally. I have witnessed attempts at co-opting this movement.
Hmmm, so who might Loesch be speaking about? Could it be:
  • Bill Hennessy, who repeatedly tries to sell his book Zen Conservatism as well as tea party shirts, hats, and gear through his blog? And who dodged questions about his new project Ensuring Liberty, falsely claiming that there was no money to report despite the fact that he had been raising money for the group for over a month?
  • Or maybe Gina Loudon, working on a book of her own ? (FYI, it's apparently on "policology" - sounds deep) Who used inflated reports about her "Whole Foods Buycott" to get appearances in the local media and on the Daily Show? Who was described by Kevin Jackson and Clive Rangler as "riding Loesch's coat for months, and emulating her to achieve similar success." Who, according to Kevin Jackson, claimed that she wrote part of his book on the "black conservative experience"? Who, along with her husband John Loudon, attempted to use opposition to Proposition A as a test run of the tea party's ability to organize, speculated by many as a testing the waters for their own future campaigns and promotion? And who most recently failed in her attempts at a huge Arizona rally, but nevertheless got sympathetic coverage from McGraw Millhaven?
  • Or maybe John Burns, who tried to raise money both off of his proposition A opposition and his campus gulag with James O'Keefe?
  • Or perhaps Ed Martin, a former chief of staff for a Republican governor who according to Bill Hennessy has served as one of the St. Louis Tea Party's "officers" since the first rally, now trying to use his tea party support to win a congressional seat?

  • Oh wait, it couldn't be any of those people, because they are members of the St. Louis Tea Party leadership along with Loesch. And then of course there's Loesch herself, who's used the tea party movement to become a regular contributer on Fox News, Pajamas Media TV, Breitbart's Big Government, etc. as well as get a weekly radio show on 97.1. By the way, it's always worth noting that Loesch and all of the other people mentioned above blindly support all of the GOP establishment candidates in Missouri.

    So inquiring minds want to know: just who are the mysterious shysters who are trying to use the conservative movement for their own personal gain?


    1. wow, it's kind of sad how funny this is, you are right on target Adam. no one can make it any more obvious than this, what a bunch of...what's the word I'm looking for? carpetbaggers comes to mind, but in a whole new(present day) way