Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dana Loesch Wants to Legalize Uzis and Rocket Launchers

A few preliminaries:

First, I actually think that the Supreme Court ruling that prevents Chicago from banning handguns is probably correct, in that it seems to be consistent with the right to bear arms. I might not like the consequences of the ruling, but it does seem to me to be consistent with the law.

Second, the following segment on Larry King live is just absolutely terrible in so many ways. Both the token "liberals" and the token conservatives make mind-numbingly vapid arguments. If this is where people turn to to get their information, God help us all.

But on to the substance! Dana Loesch was on Larry King's show yesterday offering her opinion on the aforementioned Supreme Court ruling. When James Carville sarcastically says everyone should get a bazooka, Loesch replied, "Can we do that? Because yeah, let's do." Later, Larry King asked Loesch to define "arms." Here's how she responded:
Loesch: How do I define arms. Oh gosh. I don't think there should be a restriction on firearms.

King:You said the 2nd Amendment is clear so arms would include machine guns, right?

Loesch: I hate the war and I hate the B.S. term, with respects to Penn whose show I like, the B.S. term "assault rifles" and "assault weapons." We're going to put the term assault in front of it because we don't understand that adding something cosmetic really doesn't make a gun anymore accurate. It's just cosmetic.

King:How do you define arms?

Loesch: I define arms by weapons period. I define arms by firearms, by guns. Period.

King: So guns would be a machine gun?

Loesch: Yeah. Sure. It freaks people out but I just don't believe in that restriction. I don't believe the government can act like a nanny.
You can watch the full "debate" here:

Also interesting, the day after this catastrophic low point in the history of television, Larry King announced that he's quitting his nightly TV show to spend more time with his family. Could this possible be a coincidence?


  1. I think Dana Loesch is a dangerous Pyscho Talker.

  2. Dude, take a chill pill. Uzis, (and most other machine guns), are ALREADY legal in most states! You simply have to pay a $200 tax to the federal government and pass an FBI check to buy one.

    BTW - People like you emailing threats to Dana Loesch are the reason we need to be able to carry a gun for protection. I hope the cops nail your butt to the wall for making a threat to her.

  3. Well Adam Heller is a major change in the law. According to Presser and at least since Presser gun ownership was a right/obligation so that one could serve in a militia to defend the nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Gun ownership was not until Heller an individual right. Under the old law as per Presser states had the right to regulate militias. Under the new ruling there can be no limitations.

    Regarding machine guns Dana has a point. According to US V Miller an American citizen has a right to a weapon appropriate to a well regulated militia. Since today's military do use automatic weapons and RPG's the thinking should extend to those weapons. I think this ruling has created the possibility of militias in our streets.

  4. Loesch's appalling ignorance serves her well. It qualifies her to sell snake oil to the misfits, malcontents and miscreants who listen to her radio program.

  5. Anonymous, I've never sent Loesch an email in my entire life, nor have I ever made a threat against her or anyone else. You are completely clueless.

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  7. I would like for the first anon to point out where Loesch was threatened b/c I do not see it either.

    I am liberal in most aspects but I have my carrying a concealed weapon permit. However, I do not think civilians should be allowed to own/carry weapons that are intended for soldiers at war. IMO, to have the desire to possess such a weapon is ridiculous. Certainly, our founding fathers could not have forseen the types of weapons that would one day exist. And I do not believe the intention was for civilians to run around with bazookas and uzis.