Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ed Martin Proud of His Shameless Attack on Mel Carnahan

It seems like the wires are crossed in Ed Martin's brain where he feels pride about actions that normal people find despicable. Yesterday, Ed Martin attacked Russ Carnahan's late father Mel Carnahan in a post on his blog. Here's what Martin had to say:
Missouri’s 3rd district has, for too long now, gone unprotected. The Carnahan family has a long history of not protecting the most vulnerable in our society. Mel Carnahan, when serving as Missouri’s Governor, three times vetoed partial birth abortion bans passed by Republican and Democrat legislators. These vetoes marked a low point in our state and national history.
Congressman Russ Carnahan has his own history and his own voting record on this issue, so there is no good reason for Ed Martin to attack his father, who died in tragic circumstances in 2000. The most obvious explanation of his behavior is that Ed Martin is vindictively trying to "get under Russ Carnahan's skin."

This theory is supported by the fact that Ed Martin is thrilled by the fact that other people have been offended by his attacks. Brian Matthews posted a status update on facebook saying that Martin's actions were shameless, and Martin "liked" the status:

Just like his fellow St. Louis tea party members, Ed Martin is motivated by hate and willing to do or say anything to try to gain power.

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