Friday, June 11, 2010

Gateway Pundit Successfully Race Baits

Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft has a history of linking to race-baiting videos from white supremacist organizations. He also was among the group of local tea partiers who misleadingly claimed that a "leftist" assaulted a Republican while failing to mention that the police charged both men with assault and that the Republican actually pushed the other man first. But Hoft was not content to just do the "union thug" routine: he had to make sure to include his trademark race-baiting headlines:

Sez Hoft:
Governor Spencer is a union organizer, a socialist and a black liberation activist. Spencer led the Greensboro K-Mart protests of 1995 and mobilized families, communities, and “the Pulpit Forum of Greensboro, a coalition of progressive clergy, to commit acts of civil disobedience.”
And later:
And, maybe you noticed this from the video… Governor Spencer has a black liberation flag bumper sticker on his car...And, that’s just what we know right now.
And, as Hoft was well aware, his commenters were all too happy to take the bait:

Then we have a guy pitching the theory that Obama is trying to create a secret army of Black Panthers:

And why would I claim that everyone (especially Hoft) could have predicted this type of reaction from his commenters? Because we've seen it before, on multiple occasions.


  1. It makes me want to vommit that these people consider themselves the "decent" people in this country. I love the facebook "like" that says I'd rather have immigrants in this country instead of racists.

    Apparently if you are black and unsuccessful it is b/c you smoke crack all day. I'll be sure to let all the underprivileged black families I work with know this is the case.

  2. I added a comment to his site last night (#98) asking if/when they'd update the story to include the fact that both men were arrested. I even provided a link to and copied the story in my comments.

    Guess what? No response in any comments afterwards. They just continued attacking each other!

    Now they've posted a new video from Monterey, CA on June 10th. Hoft titled it "Leftist Thug Threatens Elderly Tea Party Patriots at Rally (Video)". That was a rally? What, all 2-3 of them? At least he got the elderly correct. And at least he didn't mention the accent of the "thug". That could've gotten ugly or even racist.