Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tea Party Lynch Mob Reminds Us Why They Should Never Be In Power - Updated

Update: Turns out both men were charged with assault. See update at bottom

The local tea party is freaking out again about a video they claim shows "another" leftist violently assaulting a noble Republican patriot merely expressing his dissent. Here are a few excerpts from their predictable rants:

Dana Loesch:
Another tea partier punched, another conservative woman harassed by a man. Unflippingbelievable. #tcot

Jim Durbin:
I wonder what Media Matters will claim happened here. Will they take responsibility for the violent rhetoric that led his unhinged leftist with a hatred of all things George Bush to attack a citizen journalist?
This video shows once again that violence is a tactic of the Left.

Jim Hoft, in a post titled Leftist Thug Beats Peaceful NC Tea Party Protesters:
Tea Party Protesters Violently Assaulted in North Carolina–They were asking for less government — The leftist thug beat them instead.

Sharp Elbows:
Obama THUG Attacks Tea Partier - Cameras Cameras Cameras People. The Lens is our weapon.
The video in question follows a familiar pattern we've seen from all of these tea party stories: it is heavily edited, and the key clips conveniently start exactly where the "leftist" is doing something physical without showing what happened immediately beforehand. In fact, this video has two camera angles that both conveniently start only after the conversation already began. You can watch the video here:

Update: YouTube Video was removed for some reason, so I'm putting up a video from a different source:

So, I certainly don't condone the guy punching the Republican camaraman in the face, and I have no idea how the fight started. But there are a number of questions that are completely unanswered by the video that any reasonable person would want to know about before jumping up and down screaming that this was a violent leftist assault. First, the 2nd video angle clearly shows that the Republican holding the camera pushed the other guy before he was punched. It looks like he pushed him fairly hard:

Now, the Republican claims in the video that the other guy pushed his wife and that he's "got it on video", but there's no evidence of that on tape. And it sure is interesting that the Republican's camera started in the middle of their conversation and then was shut off immediately before the other camera angle shows the Republican pushing the other guy.

And, of course, we've seen this remarkable coincidence before. Here's a video from Bob McCarty that the local tea party all proclaimed was "leftist violence" before quickly moving on to other subjects after it was found out that the tea partier actually attacked the woman in the video:

An extremely similar video: inexplicably edited in key places, with the video starting only at moments where the liberals look bad, and strangely leaving out al of the context. And in this case it turned out that the video was complete bullsh*t.

And then of course we have the video from the Kenneth Gladney incident.

Once again, the video miraculously starts immediately after both Gladney and McCowan were on the ground, with no indication of how they ended up on the ground, and the only altercation it shows is Perry Molens pulling Gladney backwards.

Isn't it strange that in all of these cases we only get highly edited videos that inexplicably start and stop at places that completely block any of the context and prevent us from seeing how the altercations started? Strange, that is, unless you realize that the videos are pretty clearly being edited for political purposes. But that doesn't stop the local tea party from screaming about evil leftist violence to stifle dissent.

Once again I ask: given that this is how irrationally the tea party reacts to partial shreds of evidence, calling people thugs based only on edited video clips, can you imagine how government would be run if they were in charge, or even if they had any influence over the people in charge? The tea party antics are not just comical: they would be extremely dangerous to our system of justice if they ever had an opportunity to influence it.

Update: Check out the interview from Stage_Right about the incident: Turns out, according to the interview, that after seeing the full, unedited video footage, the magistrate decided to charge both men with assault. Hmm, that doesn't fit well with the tea party story.

Furthermore, check out this quote from Nathan Tabor, the Republican whom they originally claimed was assaulted:
My local paper, who ignored the North Carolina GOP convention...calls me and says, "Hey Nathan, if you freeze this at such and such, your hand was at this guy's face, and his head's kinda going back, are you sure you didn't hit him first?...The liberal media, after watching the full, raw, unedited video, a 17-minute video clip and an 11 minute video clip from two different angles, they saw the hate and vile coming from this man's mouth about George W. Bush and Cheney [editor's note: gasp! the humanity!], they saw his foul language towards me and my family, heard my comments which were very civil and had the audacity to ask me if I had hit him first.
Yup, just another failed conspiracy theory based on a fake editing job, and of course all of the local tea party members fell for it.


  1. There was a more complete version of the Gladney incident at the Carnahan Town Hall, but it has been "removed by the user.' In it, according to this post at SMP ( " the man of the ground at the beginning of the video is an SEIU member and Gladney is the guy being pulled down at the :06 mark -- a quick tumble that is not likely to have inflicted much damage and, indeed, he was back on his feet in a couple of seconds, showing no signs of injury in this video.)"

    Gladney was in the act of piling onto an SIEU man who was already down after being pushed by a Tea Partier. These people lie shamelessly - but the removal of this video shows that they can learn to cover up the evidence.

  2. I've been following the Gladney incident from the beginning. If you mean that there's a video that shows more of the beginning of the incident, that's not correct. There are some other videos that show the aftermath of people standing around and talking to the police.

    Also, I don't think anyone claimed that "Gladney was in the act of pilling onto an SEIU man who was already down after being pushed by a Tea Partier." The claim by McCowan is that Gladney tackled him.

    But yes, I agree that the tea party lies shamelessly.

  3. The first video in this article was removed due to YouTube TOS Violations.

    Remember Sharp's videos from February when he tried to make it look like Charles Jaco pushed him when it was actually the exact opposite? There's another fine piece of "Leftist Gone Wild" by the Tea Party backers.

    They could make a fake video where some guy dressed up as a democratic support (*cough*Sharp*cough*) who picks on his fellow Tea Party supporter then claim that the SEIU or some other union group were there being "union thugs".
    I really, really, really regret that technology workers hadn't unionized into some form of CWA like group years ago, because it it would be amusing to see how the Tea Party mutants would have accused union techies of trying to hack their website or send them black faxes. However, in real life, the posers (Sharp) would stick out like a sore thumb.

  4. The STL Tea Party got their video editing training in Israel.

  5. Where in the world did these people get the idea that BP would be bailed out? This is the first time I've heard of anything like that. Are they just making this stuff up(other than their vids w/o time stamps and everything!)?