Tuesday, June 1, 2010

St. Louis Blog Posts for Progressives - Belated Weekend Edition

Here are some interesting stories from St. Louis bloggers/journalists in the past few days:

Memorial Day:
Steve Patterson at Urban Review STL had an interesting post on the architecture of Memorial Day.
Ponytail Tim shared a more traditional Memorial Day video.

Vital Voice writes about the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal.
Jo Mannies of the Beacon reports from Jefferson Barracks.

The Environment:
Adam at Searching for Sustainability dissects Secretary of Energy Steven Chu's message at his speech to the Wash U Class of 2010.
Erich Vieth at Dangerous Intersections discusses the danger of right wing anti-environmentalism.
Also, follow Ryan Witt on Twitter for great updates about the BP disaster.

Urban Issues:
Steve Patterson interviews Wayne Senville of the Planning Commissioners Journal on his Blog Talk Radio show.
BELT discusses how a fire altered the Belleville downtown landscape.
St. Louis/Elsewhere compares Memorial Drive to Michigan Avenue.
The #3 Forest Park Shuttle is back! So says STL Transit.
Rick at STL Rising encourages people to get involved in City to River.
Michael Allen at Ecology of Absence interviewed Fox Park Neighborhood Association President Ian Simmons about why residents want the historic district expanded.
BELT shares some photos of repairs on the Tower Grove fountain.
Michael Allen of Ecology of Absence asks (rhetorically) why we would want to save an old industrial building.

Tony Pecinovsky wrote a response to Mort Zuckerman about public sector unions.

Health Care:
Madonna at Occasional Planet says Single Payer is alive and kicking in Vermont.

College Affordability
Erich Vieth at Dangerous Intersections discusses the college version of the subprime mortgage mess.

State Politics:
Sean at FiredUp writes about Roy Blunt's desire to reenact his wildly unsuccessful "Health Care Solutions Group."
Jo Ann Emerson lied about Tommy Sowers service record. She also refused to apologize.
Meanwhile, Sowers was on a 100 mile road march.
Missouri's competing for Race to the Top school funding.
Jo Mannies at the Beacon reports on Jay Nixon and Claire McCaskill focusing on veterans for Memorial Day.
Dave Drebes discusses the frightening scenario of what happens if Missouri loses a congressional seat.

Erich Vieth at Dangerous Intersections discusses how to improve math class.
Erich also laments the demise of nutrition education.
The Beacon discusses what students can from hate incidents at schools.

Blogger Shark Fu featured in this month's St. Louis Magazine!
An update from Kymberlie at Misfit Hue Photography.
The Beacon profiles Don Checkett, a pioneering social worker and founder of the Child Day Care Association.
Erich at Dangerous Intersections discusses the politics of ignorance.
The Libertarian Party had a conference in St. Louis last weekend.

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