Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shocker: Tea Party Lynch Mob Jumped the Gun

As I wrote previously, the local tea party freaked out recently claiming that a "leftist" had "assaulted" a "patriot" at a recent rally in North Carolina. That group included Dana Loesch, Jim Durbin, Jim Hoft, Adam Sharp, and, apparently, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. But the story, like pretty much all of their "leftist thugs attack tea party," tales to date, turned out to be false.

In an interview with Stage Right, Nathan Tabor, the Republican who was supposedly assaulted, revealed that the police, after seeing the full unedited video, (7:45) decided to charge both Tabor and the other man with assault. Tabor later said (14:15):
My local paper, who ignored the North Carolina GOP convention...calls me and says, "Hey Nathan, if you freeze this at such and such, your hand was at this guy's face, and his head's kinda going back, are you sure you didn't hit him first?...The liberal media, after watching the full, raw, unedited video, a 17-minute video clip and an 11 minute video clip from two different angles, they saw the hate and vile coming from this man's mouth about George W. Bush and Cheney [editor's note: gasp! the humanity!], they saw his foul language towards me and my family, heard my comments which were very civil and had the audacity to ask me if I had hit him first.
So both the police and the media, who unlike the local tea party had access to the full, unedited tapes, concluded that Tabor was equally culpable (if not more culpable if he in fact started the fight). In fact, you can see from this video, it looks like Tabor (the white man with a video recorder) did start the fighting (note: yes, I did edit out the part where the guy punches Tabor, however, unlike the Tea Party I'm honest about what I edited out. I did it this way simply to show how it started):

Once again, the hate-filled St. Louis Tea Party was ready to throw the book at a black man, whom Tabor made sure to say is affiliated with the "black liberation and black pride" movement (16:30), based on a completely edited video. And once again the facts appear to show that they're complete off base. If they even had any shred of intellectual honesty, they would update their posts pointing out that both men were charged with assault. But I'm not holding my breath.

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  1. Nathan Tabor is quite the character! Last year at, he argued that there are 2 Constitutions: one to control patriotic citizens and the second to allow the most offensive even hate-filled rhetoric.

    I wonder which document he conforms to?

    "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious." -
    Oscar Wilde