Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jake Wagman Corrects Misinformation of Ed Martin

Jake Wagman of the Post-Dispatch recently wrote a post repeating the misinformation being spread by ethically-challenged Ed Martin, who was working hard to create a smokescreen in light of the fact that he filed his financial disclosure forms 300 days after the date required by federal law. A press release from Ed Martin stated the following, insinuating that Carnahan had chosen a non-union company to work on his home:
What was the settlement? And why did he use a non-union company? He has no problem taking generous donations from them.
Wagman followed this misleading statement, originally writing the following:
While Carnahan is likely pleased to have that legal action by him, it could come back to hurt him politically: The roofing company he hired does not use union labor.
However, the reality of the situation is that the insurance company forced the Carnahans to use the non-union company against their wishes. This is reflected in Wagman's latest version of the post where the last paragraph is changed to the following:
The roofing company he hired does not use union labor. However, a Carnahan campaign spokesman said that his insurance company -- not the congressman -- selected American Exteriors.

The work, Carnahan's campaign says, was to repair storm damage -- apparently from a tornado that hit the home.
Just another example of the fact that you shouldn't trust any information from an Ed Martin press release.

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