Monday, September 27, 2010

Dana Loesch Claims Liberal Feminists Care Too Much About Looks...And Have Small Breasts

Dana Loesch, who claims to be a champion of "conservative feminism," took all of ten minutes to undermine any inkling of moral authority she might have on the subject during a Twitter argument with actual feminists.

The dust-up started, from what I can tell, when Megan Carpentier was doing a live tweet review of a movie, "Fire In The Heartland," which features Dana Loesch along with several other far right-wing women. Carpentier noted a particularly ridiculous statement from Loesch:
megancarpentier: Haha, Dina Loesch says Palin "split the community" between liberal feminists and conservative women, because Palin is unafraid to be pretty.
After some internet sparring, Loesch reiterated the idea yesterday in a tweet:
dloesch: Why no, I don't think that there is a damn thing wrong with discussing how it's not a bad thing for a conservative woman to be hot.
So, first of all, Loesch's claim that "liberal feminists" have an issue with "being pretty" is laughable. The vast majority of feminists I've met don't think there's something wrong with "being pretty:" rather, they simply think that women shouldn't be defined by their looks. It's a critique of the all-too-obvious fact that society often overemphasizes the standards for attractiveness in women, and often underemphasizes other abilities.

But Loesch doesn't just get her story wrong, she reveals herself as supporting exactly what most of the feminist movement (both liberal and conservative) has been working to combat for a long time: she appears to think that womens' looks should be used against them in political discourse, and she repeatedly attacks other women based on their looks while implying that this says something about their moral worth. As I've documented, Loesch has a history of this: she previously said that women at Emily's List had "hair lips" and were jealous of Palin, and she suggested that those criticizing her were like "chicks who pad their bras."

And today, while in the middle of ridiculously arguing that liberal feminists place restrictions on women based on their looks, here's what Loesch had to say:

IBTC, as google informed me, stands for "Itty Bitty Titty Committe."

Got that? While bragging about how much more enlightened "conservative feminsts" are compared to "liberal feminists," Loesch claims that the people arguing with her have IBTs (which, according to some societal standards, is less cool than GBTs?). So even as she is arguing that liberal feminists place restrictions on women based on their looks, Loesch attacks the women trying to have a discussion with her based on their looks! Or at least, what she imagines about their looks. Could she be more ridiculous?


  1. She also said "Also, Phyllis Schlafly could kick Rosie the Riveter's ass. I doubt Schlafly fired anything smaller than 50 cal. Insult wisely or stay home." on Twitter. Last time I checked, Rosie the Riveter was a feminist icon representing a time in our cultural history when women had to work new positions, and take on new tasks, not previously open to their gender. It had nothing to do with kicking ass.

    Phyllis Schlafly believes women cannot be sexually assaulted by their husbands in any way, because they agreed to it in a marriage contract and was quoted saying "By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don't think you can call it rape."

    But at least she can shoot Rosie? Comparing the two is insulting to the women of the 40s.

  2. This IBT girl would like to punch Loesch in her GBTs.

    This woman is seriously the most childish, clueless idiot in the local media.

  3. As a former card carrying member of the NRA, 40+ year member of the GBTC, & a feminist even longer, I find this woman laughable. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was even younger than my teenage daughter. I learned my feminism from the *actual* Rosie's among my elders. They found Phyllis Schlafly just as amusing & vapid.

  4. What about Edie Segwick, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Naomi Wolf, Christini Ricci, Ani Difranco? Are/Were all of those women not beautiful and proud of it? And self-proclaimed liberal feminists...

    Feminism is about equality, and if any man started publicly using his sexuality to get ahead in politics he'd be criticized on all points by those like Loesch. Of course, I'm sure she'd find a way to spin it if he ended up being another neo-con.

    And for that matter, any woman in the Dem party would be criticized her for the same behavior, I'm sure.