Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reminder: Ed Martin Attacked Carnahan's Wife and Late Father

At the debate yesterday, after Ed Martin repeatedly tried to smear him, Russ Carnahan brought up the fact that Ed Martin's family owns over $100,000 in Big Oil stock. Ed Martin acted outraged, and said ""Shame on you, Congressman Carnahan," Martin claimed to be outraged because the stock was not owned by him, but rather by his wife.

Martin had a similar reaction Wednesday on the Charlie Brennan show (click here to listen to the mp3). . When Brennan mentioned the stock, Martin said:
This is a disgusting display by Russ Carnahan...he knows that this is my wife's stock, it's listed as her stock, and we told him it was a gift.
Fascinating that Martin now somehow thinks that mentioning his wife's stock options in a fossil fuel industry that has been polluting the planet, pushing our government around, and getting us entangled in ridiculous foreign policy for years should be off limits, especially considering that he was all-too-happy to attack Russ Carnahan's wife and deceased father earlier in the year.

In a June press release about "Protecting the Unborn," here's what Martin had to say:
Congressman Russ Carnahan on the other hand proudly supports abortion of every type and believes taxpayer dollars should fund it. Carnahan voted to funnel federal dollars to Planned Parenthood. It’s not surprising that these votes benefitted his family; Carnahan’s wife,Debra, presided for many years as a director of the national board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
And later:
Missouri’s 3rd district has, for too long now, gone unprotected. The Carnahan family has a long history of not protecting the most vulnerable in our society. Mel Carnahan, when serving as Missouri’s Governor, three times vetoed partial birth abortion bans passed by Republican and Democrat legislators. These vetoes marked a low point in our state and national history.

So apparently it's perfectly fine for Ed Martin to attack Russ Carnahan's wife and deceased father whenever he pleases, and even suggest that the family "has a long history of not protecting the most vulnerable," but if someone mentions his wife's stock options in one of the most destructive industries in the world, hey man, that's not cool.

Just another day in Republican hypocrisy.

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  1. Ed Martin says the Carnahan family "has a long history of not protecting the most vulnerable"....REALLY Mr. Martin? REALLY? Ed Martin was the loyal chief of staff to Governor Matt Blunt, who slashed the Medicaid benefits of hundreds of thousands of Missourians and literally left families out in the cold. The only thing Mr. Martin has protected is his rear end and that of ex-Governor Blunt.