Tuesday, September 7, 2010

John Burns Forgets There Was Already a Vote On Public Transportation

Well, looks like somebody is still bitter about getting demolished in the vote on whether St. Louis values public transporation:
Nations won a huge victory for the oligarchs of St. Louis in the passage of Prop A, and his selection as CEO is both a reward for his service to them as well as a promise to yield greater spoils. The self-styled captains of tomorrow care little about what actual citizens desire in the short, intermediate or long terms. Instead, they swat away those desires for a future they themselves would fashion upon us with or without our blessing.
Um, actually, there was an election. And people voted in favor of public transportation in a 63-37 landslide. You know...democracy.

And in case you're curious what Burns has been up to since his heroic leadership of the tea party's landslide loss, basically he's been running around with Adam Sharp annoying reporters in parking lots:

Oh, and annoying Congressmen by asking the same questions over and over and over no matter how many times they are answered:

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  1. They've found something new for John Burns to do, which is to head up some silly fake-training bootcamp-fundraising scheme: http://www.blockcaptains.com/

    Remember when Dana Loesch used to rant against people charging for activist training that could be had for free?

    Notice how they ask for the block captains to pay for the booklets, and then mention how the block captains already paid for training.

    2. Help Fund the Constitution Booklets: Napoleon said that war must fund war. The booklets are very inexpensive in bulk. So we would like the Block Captains to pledge to raise the funds for their sets of booklets, about $1 per home. How you do that is up to you.

    The only funding for this has come from those initial Block Captains who paid for training. With that money, we paid to print training materials and buy thousands of constitutions for $.20-$.50.

    Can't believe this is the best use of money and time they can come up with to take back the country.

    Also wondering how Burns got involved. It's as if the leadership are simply looking for ways to profit from activism.

    Can we say Alan Keyes?