Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Series: Student Activist Radio Show

Hi all. I'd like to introduce myself as Kevin Wolfe, I'm a student here in St. Louis, and a friend of Adam's and often collaborate with him on various issues related to politics and the media.

Adam and I have started a weekly radio series that focuses on student activism across the St. Louis Area, as well as developments in local, state and national politics. The show will be streaming live at University of Missouri, St. Louis radio on Sunday's from 6pm to 7pm. However we've also created a podcast version of the show via blog talk radio.

In this week's show Adam and I interview Adam Hasz from Wash U's Green Action organization about so called clean coal initiatives at Wash U. As well as environmental activism across the state of Missouri.

Listen to internet radio with STL Activist Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Video of the flash mob at Wash U:

Links mentioned during the Show:
Stop Ignoring Week of Action
Van Jones Speaking at Wash U
Missouri Student Environmental Coalition

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