Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Astroturf St. Louis Tea Party Absolves Roy Blunt From 7 Congressional Terms

Roy Blunt has been a representative in Congress for 14 years. In that time period, there has been no evidence whatsoever that Blunt had any genuine inclination towards fiscal responsibility or earmark reform, or any of the other things the St. Louis tea party claims to care about. In fact, an almost countless number of Republicans have criticized the huge spending, creation of massive deficits, and generally corrupt behavior that took place while Roy Blunt was in the leadership of House GOP, including Eric Cantor, Michael Steele, Fox News host Chris Wallace, and basically the whole of the Republican party.

But the St. Louis tea party leadership, astroturf from the very beginning, has decided that Blunt, in spite of his 14-year record, is now a "tea party candidate" because he signed a piece of paper saying so. Because really, what are you going to believe? Someone's actual record from 7 congressional terms, or the fact that they spent 10 minutes to sign a piece of paper? Further adding to the irony is that Darin Morley, who claims to be in favor of term limits, was the guy tasked with "spreading the good news" that the tea party would now officially be ignoring Roy Blunt's actual record.

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  1. the American Republican party aka corporate owned whores. George Orwell was an optimist/