Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mark Kirk's "Voter Integrity" Squads

If it can happen in Illinois, it probably can/will happen in Missouri:

Talkng Points Memo has more on Republican efforts to gin up "voter fraud" claims around the country.

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  1. Must be those former ACORN fifth columnists secretly acting against 'Murka causing teh "voter fraud". Funny thing about conservatives these days: they're basically helping the corporations escort them right into penury, if they're lucky, or into an internment camp, if things turn out as badly as I think possible. This mindset is present in the comment thread @ the PD online story about the union rejecting Olin's new contract offer. "Damn unions. How dare they demand a good working wage and vacation time so that they can be with their families. Wait, the Company offered a three year wage freeze, and took away one of the five weeks of vaca? Go Olin!" By the way, this is all under a cloud of dread hanging over the workers heads. Olin already has operations in Mississippi, and guess why they are there? No, the answer doesn't involve mint julips. Low wages, silly. Olin is going to MS no matter what the Alton workers do. They'd move to China, if they thought that it wouldn't hurt them politically.