Friday, October 29, 2010

Dana Loesch Passes On Another Opportunity to Reveal Conflict of Interest

During the Republican Primary for Missouri's Third Congressional District, a genuine conservative, John Wayne Tucker, was facing off against Republican insider and hater of government transparency and accountability Ed Martin. Dana Loesch blacklisted Ed Martin's conservative opponent, before finally publicly attacking him weeks before the primary. Ed Martin, by the way, only received 63% in the Republican primary, demonstrating that Tucker very likely would have won if he hadn't been actively blacklisted by a tea party group pandering to insider Ed Martin.

Throughout this process, and while she repeatedly hosted Ed Martin on her radio show, Dana Loesch at no time disclosed that Martin had been giving campaign money to her husband Chris Loesch's business Shock City Studios. Martin gave Loesch's business $2,500 on not one but two different occasions for a campaign commercial. As someone who (however laughably) calls herself a journalist, Dana Loesch should have disclosed this obvious conflict of interest while she was busy promoting Ed Martin and disparaging his primary opponent.

Now it turns out that Ed Martin is still paying Shock City Studios. In Ed Martin's latest quarterly, it lists an $800 payment to Chris Loesch's business:

Yet, despite the fact that Ed Martin is still paying her husband's business, Loesch again failed to mention this conflict of interest when she had Martin on her show on Wednesday. Yet she's the editor of Big Journalism where she repeatedly attempts to lecture the media on what right wing conspiracies they should be covering. Hilarious.

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