Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dana Loesch Reminds Us That Ed Martin Gave $5,000 To Her Husband's Business

Dana Loesch had a hilarious tweet today:

First of all, why would anyone, let along a Democratic Congressman, want to go on a show where Loesch repeatedly interrupts and flat-out hangs up on people who rebut her juvenile talking points? But even if that was your idea of a good time, you surely wouldn't want to go on a show where the host repeatedly fails to disclose that your political opponent, Ed Martin, paid her husband's business Shock City Music Studios $5,000 dollars while she was showing favoritism to Martin? In fact, even when dealing with a conservative primary opponent who, unlike Ed Martin, did not have a history of blatant abuse of government and hatred of transparancy, Loesch basically blocked out that primary opponent from any air time before finally freaking out and attacking him publicly on Twitter (all the while not mentioning the $5,000 donation).

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