Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tea Party's Latest Employee: Birther, Law-Breaker, and Openly Wishing for Me to Choke to Death

Meet Jen Ennenbach, the St. Louis tea party's new spokeswoman. She's a birther:

She likes breaking the law:

And, most interesting of all from my perspective, she thinks it would be really funny if I choked to death (BTW, I've never met or spoken to her in my life):

She also thinks it would be great to kick Senate candidate Chris Coon in the Adam's apple (that is, assuming he's enough of a MAN to have one...High Five!):

And who knows what's up with this tweet?

Is she calling a black man racist just because he disagreed with her on policy? Whaaaa?

Anyway, she should fit right in with the rest of the gang.


  1. There seems to be no end to the faucet of crazy from which these people pour.

  2. I seriously think she's talking about me with that last one. I got into it with her back in October, but I didn't have a JD then. (I actually still don't have one, technically). She's a wacko. I think she works for an Amway-like pyramid scheme company.

  3. I very much enjoyed this article, and then I thought, hmm... I hope she stops saying things like this. It isn't very nice. Mayhaps even threatening and close to illegal. Cooler calmer heads should prevail, but if that day ever comes where you meet with an abnormally early demise, I will see to it that investigators are pointed to this article as they begin their search for the truth. Let's not forget that these are the people who advocated for the status quo system that together with Cancer, and poverty, killed Melanie Shouse.

  4. I've known her for years, she's a moron. A while back I was checking out my LinkedIn profile and noticed she had 'visited' my profile. I was kind of shocked considering I haven't spoken to her wacky &^% in about 10yrs or so.

    Anyway 'googling' around, I about fell over to see she's head of the Tea Party in STL! She was anything but a conservative back in the day not to mention, a complete moron.

    @Sean: You're right it is a lame pyramid scheme, she used to do the same back when she was at UMSL but that one revolved around selling nondescript self-help books. She can't hold a 'real' job, if you averaged them all together I would guess she would have about 2mos per job. That's not including long periods of unemployment.