Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Student Newspaper Highlights

There's a lot of great content that comes from St. Louis students every week. Here are a few highlights I've found from the past week:

  • StudLife Editorial on efforts to increase campus sustainability at Wash U.

  • A report on Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof's talk at Graham Chapel and call to combat discrimination against women.

  • A report on the student response to the Global Energy Future Symposium.

  • And, in fact, the students who organized the protest had their own excellent take on the events.

  • The SAE fraternity helping to build homes in North St. Louis.

  • A call for students to get more involved politically.

  • The University News at SLU reminds students to register to vote.

  • The SLU SGA is working on educating students about the flood in Pakistan and raising money for relief funds.

  • The Transit Alliance at SLU will be celebrating Metro.

  • The UMSL Current's discussion of the Ed Martin/ Russ Carnahan debate surpsingly cited the St. Louis Activist Hub blog.

  • Ryan Krull asks questions about the new proposals to expand the governments ability to wiretap.

  • The Current editorial board also took both Republicans and Democrats (but mostly Republicans) to task for not fighting hard enough for the environment.

  • There was a report on the "30 states, 30 Mosques" tour that stopped at Webster University.

  • The Webster Journal also had a nice report on a visit from Emmy-winning filmmaker Larry Lansburgh, who talked about a group of Ecuadorians who fended of oil companies from the rainforest.

  • Let me know if there are other articles that I missed!

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