Friday, October 15, 2010

Billy Long Scandal Devloping

Eli Yokley at The Fuse Joplin has been reporting on a developing scandal with 7th District Republican candidate Billy Long:
Meet Jennifer Case. 35 year old, military wife. Her husband is serving in Afghanistan. Full-time mother of three.

Case worked in the food service industry in the Springfield area for years. During that time, she says she had numerous encounters with Billy Long, who is now running for U.S. Congress in the seventh district.

Case, in a letter obtained by TFJ (link at bottom), alleges Long to be “demeaning to women and people of color” during that time.

“I witnessed Mr. Long refuse service from a person of color and one server he suspected was homosexual, calling him a ‘swisher.’ Mr. Long refused to have this individual even walk near his table,” she alleged.

“I recall Mr. Long saying, ‘We need to take back this country from the niggers and women running it… that’s the problem in D.C.”’, Case alleged.
I wasn't sure how much to make of this previously, since this was, after all, just the personal testimony of one woman. However, Yokley's post today reveals an audio tape of conversations with three other people that confirm some of the details of Case's story.

You can listen to the audio here:

Don't expect the Post-Dispatch to pick this story up. They're too busy cutting out information about Peter Kinder from Tony Messenger's columns and covering the exciting revelation that Auditor Susan Montee once drank a Margarita and acted silly.

By the way, Long's opponent is Scott Eckersley, the former Republican fired and smeared by Ed Martin.

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