Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Say You Weren't Warned: More Gotcha Schmournalism

A couple days ago, I posted a video that demonstrated the fundamentally dishonest style of "journalism" practiced by Adam Sharp of Sharp Elbows and many others in the new "conservative citizen journalist" movement:

Sharp is back today with a similar tactic, editing some select clips of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky:

Of course, it's not exactly clear why Sharp thinks this is an interesting question, considering that a federal judge ruled just last week that the health care bill *is* constitutional.

But this reflects a larger issue that Democrats and progressives have still not dealt with. This trend of completely dishonest "conservative journalists" is not going away. Democratic politicians need to be prepared for angry conservatives asking gotcha questions, and they need to have their own cameras rolling at all times. And this goes for activists as well: if you are attending an event, take some kind of video recording device with you, or else eventually one of the folks like Sharp will be all-too-happy to try to misrepresent reality.

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