Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reminder: Dana Loesch Told Anderson Cooper to "Shut Up" And Said He Was "Riding the Vanderbilt Coattails"

CNN's Anderson Cooper has frequently invited Dana Loesch on to his show to spread her hateful rhetoric. By giving her a national platform, Cooper allows Loesch to reach a bigger audience with her non-stop hate mongering, such as yesterday's claim that a moveon activist should apologize for having her head stomped on by Rand Paul supporters. Of course Loesch now kisses Cooper's butt as she does with anyone who can advance her career, saying that he's a "gracious host," but what did she think about him before he invited her on as a guest?

A post on her blog answers that question. Loesch wrote a blog post titled "Shut Up, Cooper," in which she suggested that the only reason Cooper had his job is because of Vanderbilt connections:
Sorry, we all don’t get to the high positions by riding the Vanderbilt coattails.
So remind me again why Cooper and CNN continually provides her with a platform to spread lies and hate?


  1. Very good point, sir.

  2. Our mutual friend, Brian M., called her a "douchenozzle" earlier.

    I think he was being kind.