Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karl Rove's Sleazy Crossroads GPS Group to Run Attack Ads for Ed Martin

Karl Rove's sleazy, anti-Democratic group Crossroads GPS, which has spent tens of millions of dollars on the 2010 elections without having to disclose its donors, is scheduled to start running attack ads against Congressman Russ Carnahan on Wednesday according to the Washington Post. This group represents the exact opposite of the Democratic process, where anonymous billionaires can spend unlimited amounts of money trying to push their agenda without anyone even knowing what they're doing. So its not surprising at all that they would support another arch enemy of transparency, Ed Martin, who as chief of staff attempted to violate Missouri state sunshine laws, lied about it, and then fired and smeared a person who tried to get him to follow the law.

Update: FiredUp Missouri helpfully points out FactCheck.org's documentation of Crossroad's history of "false and misleading" advertisements.

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