Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lesson: Always Lie and Smear the Media (if you're a tea partier)

Dana Loesch lies and smears the Post-Dispatch, so Post-Dispatch Political Editor Christopher Ave invites her to a conference to coach journalists in how to cover the tea party.

Andrew Breitbart, a professional media manipulator, lies and smears ABC news with quotes like this:
Hacks ‘R’ Us: ABC ‘Newsman’ Stephanopoulos Shills for Obama"
Fact that a partisan hack like Stephanopoulos is actually employed by ABC News is a disgrace in itself.
So naturally, Breitbart is invited by ABC News to do election night coverage.

Dana Loesch tells Anderson Cooper to "shut up" and says that he's "riding his Vanderbilt coattails," so of course she is now a regular guest on his show.

It seems like the message from the media is pretty clear: if you want favorable coverage, always lie, whine and smear us as much as possible. Unfortunately, though, this tactic only works for the Right. Because as cowardly and sad as the mainstream media is, they do have their standards: they only allow themselves to be pushed around by genuine bullies. Lefties trying to pretend to be as big of jerks as the other side just won't cut it. Those darned nuanced criticisms and respect for humanity always give us away!

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  1. It's about ratings. I LOVE Bill Maher's show but just the fact that he had Dana on the show (which I haven't watched yet, don't know if I can stomach it) makes me lose a little respect for the guy.