Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uh Oh: Roy Blunt Does Not Recall

Roy Blunt has an immigration problem. And, as noted by FiredUp, the biggest problem seems to be that his statements that Dora Narvaez never worked for him contradict both her comments and his own letter.

Today, according to the Post-Dispatch, his denial has shifted into a "I don't recall." From the daily:
Speaking to the Post-Dispatch editorial board today, Blunt said his family never had a "housekeeper," though they did occasionally have someone, Blunt said, clean their home.

But Blunt said neither he, Roseann or their three children remember Narvaez filling that role.

"We often had somebody who would come in maybe twice a month," Blunt said. "None of us remember her ever doing that."
Of course, it's a little more difficult to prove that "I don't recall" is a lie than "she never worked for me." But it's a little late for that. HIs campaign already said the latter.

Also, as noted by RBH at Show Me Progress, Blunt also now claims that he doesn't know if he ever met Navaez, which is funny since he said yesterday that, "She simply helped out at church events."

ht/ FiredUp Missouri.

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