Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roy Blunt Brushes Aside Tea Party Nonsense

As was pointed out both here and at FiredUp Missouri, the St. Louis tea party's claim that they were somehow surprised by Roy Blunt's support of earmarks was nothing short of laughable. Blunt had always supported earmarks, and did nothing to suggest otherwise during the campaign. However, the tea partiers tried to pretend that Roy Blunt signing the "tea party treaty," which said nothing whatsoever about earmarks, was somehow an agreement by Blunt to no longer be the Washington D.C. wheeler-dealer that he's always been.

Well, Roy Blunt put that nonsense to rest today. During an interview with KZRG, Blunt points out (what was obvious to all) that he's never made any secret about his views:

So will the tea party continue to pretend that they didn't know who Blunt was before the election despite his long history in Congress? Or will they finally admit that their decision to not support Chuck Purgason put someone in office who stands for absolutely none of their stated principles.

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