Monday, November 8, 2010

Is Dana Loesch Suing Herself For Defamation and Libel?

Dana Loesch was upset about my previous post pointing out her criticisms of third party candidates, so she went back to her dusty old bag of tricks:

Blah blah, libel, defamation, blah. At this point, is there anyone in St. Louis who hasn't been accused of libel and defamation by Loesch?

But this case is a little interesting, because Loesch is accusing me of libel for posting audio of her own comments:

And this is all I had to say about the clip, all of which is obviously true:
But I actually did listen to the radio show, and it was clear that Loesch was attacking third parties and blaming them for the loss. She called them "ballot decorations" and used a whiny voice to represent them. And, of course, she fails to mention that the St. Louis tea party actively blacklisted Ed Martin's primary challenger.
So if merely pointing out that Loesch attacked third parties and blamed them for the loss is libel, then I guess Loesch actually attacking the third party and blaming them for the loss must be, like, quadruple libel. In fact, I think that a strong case can be made that a pattern of repeated false comments by Dana Loesch have severely impugned the character of Dana Loesch, to the point where sane people can no longer take her seriously. Sounds like a classic case of libel and/or defamation.

If Loesch would like any supporting evidence in building her case against herself, I'd be happy to help out.


  1. If I hear that woman ranting about defamation and libel one more time I think I am going to start a campaign to have those words expunged from the English language. Anyone who disagrees with her is defaming and libeling... so why isn't she pulling out her usual bag of "look at me" tricks and suing someone for it? She's made the accusation enough, and defamed and libeled all of the accused enough.

  2. She also likes to threaten people's livelihoods/real jobs because she herself doesn't know what it's like to have a "real job".

  3. I would beg her to sue me! Then she would have to publicly defend why she is suppressing free speech and the validity of nuisance suits. Hummm aren't those things that the "tea party" players cry about all the time?

  4. I cannot believe the words that come from this woman's mouth! Does she even consider for a moment that people run as candidates for other parties due to the fact that they do not believe that the Democratic or Republican parties do not adequately represent their views or citizens' views in general...I would be the first to say that the two-party system should be scrapped!

    Oh well, all I can say from this point on about Dana Loesch is: There, but for the grace of God, go I...

  5. You know, if Pete Parisi and World Wide Magazine were still with us, you know he'd be all over this - and her. Nuff said!