Monday, November 1, 2010

Betty White For Prop B

Thanks to Sean at FiredUp Missouri for catching this:

Seriously, who could argue with her?

Also Shelly Powers delivers a strong argument for Voting Yes on Prop B:
My support for Proposition B remains strong and unwavering. I have come to develop a sense of empathy, though, for those who will be impacted by Proposition B. Oh, not the bad breeders; they I could gleefully shut down with nary a backward glance. But there will be people impacted who have followed the existing rules and feel they are being treated unfairly. I do feel sympathy for their concerns.

However, Proposition B is not only the right thing to do for the dogs, in the end it is the right thing to do for Missouri. We cannot continue with the dubious titles of "Puppy Mill capital of the US" or "Dog Auction capital of the US". And we can't continue to pretend that dogs are nothing more than livestock; that as long as they get enough to eat, drink, room to stretch, and protection from elements, this is sufficient for them to be "happy". You can't breed an animal for 15,000 years to be our companions, helpers, and friends, and then suddenly isolate them in cages in big factory farms and say they're "happy".
The whole post is great: read it here.

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