Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gina Loudon Changes Subject to Cover for Her Guest's Bigoted Remarks

I wrote previously about Gina Loudon's promotion of Angry White Dude, a blogger who says that white women should avoid black males and that black people hate white people. Loudon apparently got some complaints about this guy last week, so this week she tried to justify having him back by saying that she likes to promote discussion. And she suggested that the reason people were upset with the guy is because, get this, he has photos of women from Hooters on his website. Completely unmentioned by Loudon was the fact that he claims that black people hate white people, that white women should avoid black men, and that "hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness is the hallmark of the American black race in general." In other words, Loudon changed the subject and then defended him on tangential issues. My guess is that her P.R. firm is working on promoting his new book, so she's trying to come up with lame excuses to justify her profiting off of thinly disguised hate speech.

Relatedly, Angry White Dude stopped by my blog and left a whiny comment complaining about political correctness. Here's what he said:
Thanks for pushing maybe one or two new readers to my page (you have so few! Pity!). I fail to see the hatred you speak of. I don't hate black people and believe blacks can accomplish everything any other race can...by hard work, making quality life decisions and education. The same as it is with anyone else.

No, you don't like my words but it doesn't mean they aren't true. I refuse to allow myself to be chained to political correctness. In your pitiful world, ANY criticism of blacks is hate or racism. I don't live in your world...I live in the real world.
And my response:
Um, wow. Not very good at reading comprehension, are you? What I actually did was point out very specific examples of objectionable content from you. For example, you claim that "Black people hate white people." And what, exactly, did you use to back up this claim? You based it on anecdotal evidence from "two acquaintances." So, according to you, you spoke to two whole people and then used that conversation to make a generalization about everyone with dark skin. In other words, you're willing to judge people you haven't met because of their skin color. What exactly do you think bigotry is other than making sweeping, negative generalizations about entire groups of people based only on selective evidence?

And your crybaby complaints about political correctness don't make your claim any more plausible or any less obnoxious. Maybe you and Gina Loudon believe that you both are the most persecuted people in the world, but I don't, and not many other people do either.

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