Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hate Speech On Christian Radio: Gina Loudon Hosts Guest Who Says White Women Should Avoid Black Males

Gina Loudon hosted a blogger named Angry White Dude on her radio show yesterday:
And yes, he is as obnoxious as his name suggests. I don't have the interview from the show, but from his blog you can see that this is the kind of crap Loudon's guest says on a regular basis:
While it will chill the blood of liberals, AWD will break it down for you: Black people hate white people. Certainly, there are some who have broken the hate for whites that nearly every black person learns from an early age. But nearly every black person in America has an ingrained hatred for white people. Black people can be civil towards whites in work and at play but never let yourself believe your black acquaintances don’t really hate your white guts deep down.
He later said:
Hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness is the hallmark of the American black race in general.
In previous posts, he also called Kanye West, "stupidious negroidus rapperious," and said the following:
I don’t think it’s racism if white women avoid black males. I’d say it’s pretty damn good sense…according to crime data.
This type of hateful rhetoric is nothing new for Loudon, who in the past has claimed that she had reason to believe a reporter was gay because, according to her, he had "the psychological profile of person who attacks children" and compared gay marriage to marrying animals. On yesterday's show, she asked Pamela Geller how her children should interact with Muslim children "to assess their level of radicalism."

It is pretty sad, however, that a "Christian" radio station provides a platform for this kind of hate speech.


  1. Brrrr...my blood is frozen...oh wait, no. That's just the weather.

    It's funny how there is still this blind following that keeps telling Christians that they are being persecuted for their beliefs despite being the MAJORITY RELIGION in this country.

    How KXOK could turn from a once mighty radio station into KJSL to be used as a pulpit for radio demagogues on the Christian Far-Right, and invite Dr. Gina Louden-Noxious to sell the idea that mixed-race marriages, homosexuality, and science are all these wicked evils threatening God's Master Plan to take everyone who supports these things to be taken "on a vacation" with "hot showers" in between selling gold, MREs, Miracle Spring Water, Miracle Cake, and other snake oil promising them wealth through the power of Jesus Christ and to "protect them from the evil Muslim hords who are using science and gay interracial marriage to destroy America". (LOL!)

    Now Dr. Lounden-Noxious can use the Tea Party as yet another tool in their arsenal of appeals to emotion and other fallacies that drum up support using the Christian faith as a golden calf for their Religious Right agenda, which in no way was the intent of the original Tea Party set up. (Recall that the Tea Party was supposed to be a right-of-center reform party, but then it was taken over by Repugnican leaders who reformed this reform party into the Republican Party 2: Electric Boogaloo. Now the person who created the Tea Party wants no part in it since this reform party is now just another version of the party of Status Quo and No.)

    When all is said and done, she takes the wind out of her argument and disestablishes the idea that the Tea Party (in whatever form) is a good thing that stands up for American ideals. (Which it doesn't anymore.)

    So much for being taken seriously.

  2. Thanks for pushing maybe one or two new readers to my page (you have so few! Pity!). I fail to see the hatred you speak of. I don't hate black people and believe blacks can accomplish everything any other race can...by hard work, making quality life decisions and education. The same as it is with anyone else.

    No, you don't like my words but it doesn't mean they aren't true. I refuse to allow myself to be chained to political correctness. In your pitiful world, ANY criticism of blacks is hate or racism. I don't live in your world...I live in the real world.

    Angry White Dude

  3. Um, wow. Not very good at reading comprehension, are you? What I actually did was point out very specific examples of objectionable content from you. For example, you claim that "Black people hate white people." And what, exactly, did you use to back up this claim? You based it on anecdotal evidence from "two acquaintances." So, according to you, you spoke to two whole people and then used that conversation to make a generalization about everyone with dark skin. In other words, you're willing to judge people you haven't met because of their skin color. What exactly do you think bigotry is other than making sweeping, negative generalizations about entire groups of people based only on selective evidence?

    And your crybaby complaints about political correctness don't make your claim any more plausible or any less obnoxious. Maybe you and Gina Loudon believe that you both are the most persecuted people in the world, but I don't, and not many other people do either.

  4. I agree with you to a point...Where I live is a minority area. All races have thier prejudicies toward one another. People have no right to judge anyone who a person dates.No matter the color. Although, bigotry is a two way street; This must be recognized. For you to judge someone else for their opinion is wrong on your part. If anyone should feel this way it is the Native Americans.