Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Penn Slammed Loesch on Her Defense of Sherrod Smear

This is a little old, but pretty funny. Libertarian Penn Jillette really wants to like Dana Loesch, but he just can't believe that she would stoop to the depths of defending Andrew Breitbart's smear campaign against Shirley Sherrod based on misleading editing. Says Jillette:
Dana, don't defend bad edits, OK? Please, don't be a nut. I like the tea party. Please, give me a reason to stand behind you. C'mon Dana. Don't be f**king wacky!


  1. Did you catch Digby's analysis of Dana's blog post on Bush's memoir?

    Dana glorified Bush by analyzing excerpts from the book. Excerpts. Yeah, according to Dana the "excerpts from his book give insight into the process leading up to the decisions..."

    Insight from excerpts...from reading blurbs written by reviewers. This is what the Tea Party considers "thoughtful".


  2. Not enough cameras on this guy. Think he needs another flip cam for the other hand.