Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pathetic Ed Martin Publicity Stunt

I told you to expect dirty tactics. The tea party/Ed Martin circus vindicates my prediction. Ed Martin put out a press release suggesting that some nefarious conspiracy is going on without having any supporting evidence whatsoever. All Martin has to say is that the same security service that is being used by the City Board of Elections was also used by Russ Carnahan one time. Big Friggen Deal. Here's what Ed Martin's ridiculous release said:
(ST. LOUIS, MO.) Nov. 2, 2010 –The St. Louis City Board of Elections is using a security service, Special Services, that has a long standing relationship with the Carnahan family. The Ed Martin for Congress campaign was just alerted from a fellow board member that, despite opposition, Democratic chairwoman, Eileen McCann, hired Special Services.

Special Services was called on by Congressman Carnahan to do security for him as recently as August 26th. Carnahan paid the company $1400 at that time which can be seen in a quick review of his FEC filing.

Just like Congressman Carnahan claims he didn’t have anything to do with funneling $107 Million to his brother’s windmill farm (editors note: not only did Carnahan not have anything to do with the stimulus award, he couldn't have had anything to do with it) this doesn’t pass the “smell test” either. Why would the very recently appointed Democratic City Elections Board Chairwoman insist, despite opposition, on hiring a company with obvious ties to Congressman Carnahan?

Any last minute move like this is beyond questionable and deserves immediate attention.
Martin must know that he's about to lose. What a pathetic stunt.

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