Friday, November 19, 2010

Missouri Republicans Vote To Block Unemployment Extensions

As reported by FiredUp, Missouri Republican Congressmen Blunt, Akin, Emerson, Graves, and Luetkemeyer all voted against extending unemployment benefits at a time when unemployment is near 10%. So did John Shimkus in Illinois.

Charles Jaco of KTVI had a nice report showing one of the 40,000+ Missourians affected by this absurd and heartless political posturing:

Note to people who want to post angry comments without bothering to know what they're talking about: this is a vote that required a 2/3rds majority. So yes, Republicans blocked it. Try reading next time.


  1. What else would you expect from Republicans?
    Self centered,egotistical SOBs.Only for the rich.

  2. Didn't anyone know that GOP stands for "Greedy Old Policitians"? I used a nice word for the "P" part so I wouldn't get censored.

  3. I don't remember ANY of these politicians mentioning cutting unemployment when they were all over the state talking about Jobs. Shame on them!

  4. We can spend 20 million for a facility in Bellfountain but we can't continue to help our unemployed. Spend the 20 million to create jobs before you cut there benefits. I think you'll find most of them would be happy to work if there were any jobs for them.

  5. The GOP doesn't have a majority in this lame duck session. Must have been some Democrats voting against it also. You think?

    Look for more posturing to illuminate those evil Republicans.

  6. Actually, it was a procedural vote that required a 2/3s majority, so yes, Republicans definitely blocked the legislation: .

    Next time, perhaps you could try reading before making sarcastic comments?