Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ed Martin Refuses to Be Honorable

Despite the fact that Russ Carnahan won Missouri's Third District soundly enough that there will not be a recount, Ed Martin refuses to do the honorable thing and concede. This is hardly surprising given the fact that he ran a completely dishonorable campaign, but nevertheless it's worth, as Atrios says, "documenting the atrocities."

Here's what Martins' letter to supporters said, posted in full by the St. Louis right-wing propaganda outlet known as KMOV:
Tonight’s election which came down to the wire is just too close to call. Ed Martin is calling on local election authorities to ensure every vote is counted. By the end of the day there were three glaring factors that stood out. The Secretary of State’s office, Robin Carnahan, reported irregularities early in the day. A newly appointed St. Louis City Board of Elections Democratic Chairwoman, Eileen McCann, hired a security company with close ties to Carnahan. Then just before midnight seven precincts in the city delivered an astounshing (and unbelievable) amount of votes. It will be interesting to see if the number of votes actually add up to the amount of registered votes in those precincts.

It all begs a lot of questions and with problems in the Secretary of State’s office as well it only makes sense to make sure in fact every vote counts.

“The people of this district want to make sure their voices were in fact heard and I pledged to them that I would fight to ensure it happens. We need to make sure the election process was in fact fair and that the numbers are correct. I saw several issues in my time at the St. Louis City Board of Elections and serious issues like this should and need to be addressed,” said Ed Martin.
And here's reality:
At this point, however, it doesn't seem likely those allegations will play in Martin's favor, and the officials we called haven't substantiated his claims. A spokeswoman for the Missouri Secretary of State's office explained that the problem with computer systems didn't prevent anyone from voting and was only an intermittent issue from about 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
His claim about the security firm is, of course, nothing but nonsensical insinuation.

Can anyone say "sore loser?"


  1. Nothing worse than a brat playing cry baby.

  2. Ok, I say "sore loser". He's just frustrated because ACORN isn't there to blame.

  3. . . . you know Ed used to work for Billionaire Rex "prop A" Sinquefeld? that was before he brought electronic voting machines to St. Louis CIty and before the was Baby Blunt's Cheif of Staff.
    Rex had this lobbying entity called "All Children Matter" that distributed money to Pols
    across MO. Ed Martin was the treasurer - - all the democracy money can buy.

  4. Waaah Waah Waah Cry Baby Ed instead of E-mail Ed !!!! Ed even the Boy Scouts of Thunderbird laughing at you now! We are stronger than the evil you are! Maybe a call to the Pope who used the same security when in town will Shut You Up!!! Proud Liberal Pro-Choice and Freedom is earned not lied for!

  5. You know, something occurred to me. Regarding his accusations of a conspiracy at the Secretary of State's office, it seems that Ed Martin is the very last person who should be lecturing others on how to operate a government computer system.

  6. LOL Ed Martin is on the List of Great Americans just like Kris Kobach - Both of these men have a great love of God, Country & Family, respect and values most dont even begin to comprehend.

    However, As a Strong Supporter of Ed Martin's - I am screaming Bloody Murder to have him Demand a Recount & ensure those votes aren't dead people, Double or Triple counted Entitled, illegal or prisoners.

    Next time you wish to speak about Honor - look up the definition, then talk and get to know the Candidates as a person not by their views which may differ from you. You might learn something.

    Nice post. But let's begin to get things right instead of the Realty TV Drama Shows like the Real Housewives of (pick a city, any city) -