Sunday, April 18, 2010

KMOV Jumps the Shark

Jumping the Shark: an idiom used to describe the moment of downturn for a previously successful enterprise.

We are at a point in history where the local media doesn't have the time or inclination to do basic research into the things they discuss. But that won't stop them from discussing it:

I wrote a couple days ago about how KMOV was openly entertaining tea party conspiracy theory that a Nazi who went to their rally was an "infiltrator" sent to make them look bad. I also posted evidence that a local white supremacist group has been advertising tea party events. But KMOV is not capable of doing research or asking questions, and they once again pass on the message to their viewers that the Nazi at the Tea Party rally was an "infiltrator." Other huge failures of John Knicely's coverage:

  • He claims as a fact that the tea party is a "grass roots, populist movement" and a "populist uprising," despite the fact that they were started by a Fox News associated local radio host and a professional lobbyist.
  • He accepted without question the claim that the tea party is "just as strong as ever," despite the fact that they only had 1/6 of the crowd of last year's tax day tea party.
  • He lets Gina Loudon say, without being questioned, "We know that violent episodes won't come from our people. We know they'll come from outside people."
  • He let Adam Sharp say, unchallenged, that the tea party welcomes people with different beliefs at their rallies, despite the fact that they freak out whenever any liberal protesters attend their events, including last Thursday in St. Charles.
  • Knicely said, "Whether you agree with them or not this movement... will certainly have a big impact on the elections in November." Yet there was no acknowledgment whatsoever of the fact that the tea party completely failed in the Prop A initiative.

  • Whether intentionally or not, KMOV is misinforming their viewers.

    Update: check out the funny "St. Louis Activist Hub Lies" banner that was added to the video! I'm so flattered that the tea party is thinking of me.


    1. information is the weapon against them. you are not lying, you are making valid claims against them, they know it and can't do anything about it.

      they (Sharp for sure) are out for any attention they can get. while it sucks that we're giving them some, at least you're calling them out on the BS they spew.

      Big thanks to you for that.

    2. First, there is not "one" Tea Party.

      Second, yes NeoCons are lurking in the depths.

      Third, in Dec. 2007, there was a Tea Party, a money bomb for Ron Paul for President. If you do not look into what is now the 'Liberty" movement, then you are not seeing "all" of the Tea Party.

      and St. Charles... there were anti Tea Party signs in the crowd, on the stage, in fact...wherever they chose to go. There are many photos of this.
      (Even if Tea Party ExpressIII IS just a dog and pony show for the far right.)
      Granted, they were a huge minority, but get that at home games.