Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maddow Smackdown of Tea Party Hero

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  1. "I think we’re all suffering from “extreme emotional distress” that our tax dollars went to support an organization that sees no problem whatsoever in giving advice to people admitting that their (sic) in the underage sex trafficking business."

    The only thing that got pimped was the media and conservatives/TP'ers who actually believed that O'Keefe was a journalist.

    Ahem, Ms. Loesch aka "Comments Off" aka TP community co-organizer, care to retract those words now? What, no? Well, will you "investigate" further to make sure the California AG didn't get it wrong? Oh, Breitbart says it's a "left-wing conspiracy" to discredit him and O'Keefe?

    Again, no? Well, at least post an "update" to let the TP'ers (nothing to do with Halloween and trees) know how they're being talked about now by the liberal media, okay?

    C'mon, there's no shame in admitting mistakes. Or would that keep you from concentrating on your blogging?

    Never mind. I'm still waiting for you to correct your comment that Valerie Plame wasn't a covert agent and was simply a "secretary".