Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kevin Jackson: "Gina and John Loudon are the biggest two crooks in St. Louis"

Whoa! The infighting in the St. Louis Tea Party is getting pretty serious! Here's what Kevin Jackson, conservative author and frequent speaker at St. Louis Tea Party rallies, had to say on facebook today:
Gina and John Loudon are the biggest two crooks in St. Louis. Gina is saying that I hit on her (LOL!), spent her political capital (doesn't exist), and wrote part of my book (as if!). She was worthless as a publicist (a FRAUD), and they will do ANYTHING for money, including using their "chirrens!" You want war LOUDON, you GOT it! I can back ALL my words up!
Jackson was previously listed as a client for the Loudons' marketing firm Legacy Group of Missouri:

Jackson had more to say below:
They started a PAC, so they could rob good conservatives of their money. These people will be funding their LIVES with this money. EVERYTHING they do will fall under the "PAC." They will be like rogue salespeople with expense accounts! And they tried to hide the PAC, then made John Loudon the Chairman of the PAC! All associated with the St. Louis Tea Party, which they CLAIM is not political!!

Here are the screen shots:

h/t MOPNS.

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