Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hillbilly Logic: Adam Sharp Flown to Memphis for Covert Hit Operation Training? Jay Stewart Refuses to be Used by the Movement.

Following up on my previous post, the audio for the Hillbilly Logic radio show is now up here and here. There aren't huge fireworks except for Jay Stewart's discussion in the 2nd half. But here are a couple really interesting details:

First, Adam Sharp was originally going to be a guest on the program but was flown (1:30 in the audio) to Memphis for some kind of national Tea Party activity. He said he was taking care of some "movement business" which they described as "covert." At 28:30, they ask why Adam Sharp is in Memphis given that the St. Louis Tea Party says it's not affiliated with any national organization. Gina Loudon responds by saying that the tea party was involved in "things like" the undercover (read: heavily edited) videos that destroyed ACORN and that they're "constantly working behind the scenes" to do more projects like that. She also said her guess was that Sharp was working on something like that, but that Sharp wouldn't be able to tell them that much.

Shortly after, one of the hosts says (31:00):
I have no problem with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, who I'm not a big fan of anymore, or Rush Limbaugh...I have no problem with them making money...And I have no problem with somebody, even in the tea party, making money. The problem I have is if I feel like somebody is saying, "Well I'm doing this for liberty and this or that...and really what they're trying to do is establish themselves as being a political hit man to show someone, hey, a year from now if you wanna take someone out...It's almost like a bad guy in a movie, "why are you blowing up that city?" Well, I wanna show this guy because that way we get paid $10 million dollars...I can take this guy out. Here's the money.

I would rather lose doing it the right way than win saying, "oh, let's uncover this about them."
They also asked Gina Loudon about the structure of the tea party steering committee (18:20), and she largely avoided their question.

Also, in the 2nd half, Jay "Greyfalcon" Stewart severely criticized the Prop A campaign and suggested that the tea party was trying to get him to shoot a video attack piece on County Executive Charlie Dooley (I can't find the times, but it starts about 2/3 of the way through):
[on Prop A] You know why black people thought that you guys were doing it? Because they thought that you were trying to keep them out of West County. So what sense does it make to try to make a video to slam Charlie Dooley. What the hell sense does that make? What sense does it make to ask me to do something like that?? That's the kinda thing that's keeping black...I'm involved in're like, "hey, let's try to infiltrate this and blah blah blah and Lacy Clay." And I'm a person who's a die-hard conservative. And when you got people trying to hang stuff on people and trying to play dirty and they find out about it....I'm like, "What they hell's up with that?"

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