Friday, April 9, 2010

Campaign For Liberty to Spread Randian Gospel to "Looters" at Mokabes

The Campaign for Liberty loves to send the message, "hey dudes, it's like totally cool to talk about the constitution and the perils of socialism" to excited audiences of urban youth. And boy, are they off to a great start! While announcing that they're going to start holding a regular "patriotic sign-waving rally" across from Mokabes ("where socialism is strongest"), they claimed that they were going to, "show the looters that even in the City, some still hold strong to truth and moral governance."

Nice. Because everyone knows that the best way to appeal to people in the city is to use the most reactionary and arguably race-baiting anti-city stereotypes possible. Good luck with that Campaign for Liberty!

Update: I'm told that the Campaign for Liberty had one rally near the "looters" a while back that was attended by about 3 people, and then haven't really been showing up since then.


  1. Is there any schedule for these sign waving displays. We need to have a healthy opposition.

  2. Well, Chris, on their Dec. 5th wave-a-thon, the site noted a grand attendance of 3 people.

    So I suppose "healthy opposition" would be at least the typical American family + an extension or two. Or a wedding party. Or a Little League team. Or a line at the women's rest room. Or a family of ducks.

  3. I live only blocks from there - I'll make sure to drive by and loot something. Or someone. Good grief.

  4. According to Mo, since the first one person sign holding 'rally' no one has shown up. It remains on their calendar week after week.
    This just shows how truly dysfunctional and disorganized they are.