Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ed Martin Spins While Tea Party Fights...Itself!

Ed Martin, even after being corrected, is still amazingly trying to spin a ridiculous story about how Congressman Carnahan is "avoiding taxes" because Rep. Carnahan's co-owned, inoperable boat is docked in Alton. This takes an amazing amount of gall from Martin considering that his ruthless persecution of a whistle-blower as Chief of Staff for the Blunt administration cost the state of Missouri $2.1 million in taxpayer money! And he wasn't even done then: he later filed a lawsuit dismissed by a judge as frivolous, that even Martin himself described as a "nuisance"!

Also, it looks like Martin might have hitched his opportunistic wagon to the wrong horse. Members of St. Louis Tea Party are fighting amongst themselves over allegations about a new Political Action Committee. Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy called 97.1's Jamie Allman a "stammering, pausing idiot", Allman called Hennessy a "sad, psycho typist", and former tea party emcee Kevin Jackson called Tea Party leaders Gina and John Loudon "the biggest two crooks in St. Louis" (7). It's getting pretty wild, and it's not clear at all whether the tea party will be able or willing to address the issues underlying the allegations.

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  1. Negativity is not a very good glue for group solidarity. Or to use another metaphor, snipers who are used to complaining about everything can't just turn it off when someone from their own crowd makes such a handy target.