Saturday, April 24, 2010

Allman Via MOPNS: "Hotheads" and "Sad Psycho Typists"

More tea party infighting. MOPNS, a conservative news blog, has a post up that appears to be written by Jamie Allman. It says the following:
Wow. Quite the reaction from some hothead TP Leaders today! I think it was because some of us questioned whether party political operatives are taking too much charge of the TP movement. It was the TP leadership’s association with a PAC that got some of us wondering what was up. It was also an interview with Gina Loudon by the guys that started it all.

About two hours after I indicated we need to be asking for more transparency of the TP Political Action Committee–ELPAC–that Bill Hennessy, a nice guy turned sad psycho typist, let loose a tirade against me as a “failed reporter” who was jealous because I was not a Tea Party leader. A guy who finally found gainful employment within the past two years has a lot of nerve wizzing on 14 Emmys, but I’m used to that! And as for a Tea Party leadership thing I rejected the invitation last year because I always said, from day one, that it was not my position to be an activist. I have and always will be a broadcaster and I think I do plenty of bullhorning three hours a day so say what you will. I’m also really bad at wowing crowds. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Bill and the other leaders. It’s a shame he couldn’t handle his angst.
Read the whole thing here.

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