Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jamie Allman's Proposal For St. Louis Tea Party

Via facebook:
Dissent not patriotic is it? Obama likes to close down parks during protests. You want to close down conversation?

My solution is this and I'll present this to Bill and Gina. Let's see ALL the paperwork from the PAC and let's see ALL who contribute and let's see ALL who receive and let's see ALL receipts. Let's see it now and let's see a pledge to make it available to the public from here on out. That way innocent, hard working people will not be harmed by suspicion or innuendo. And that way good people who have the same expectations of the TP leadership as they do of the U.S government won't be smeared and threatened with lawsuits and otherwise trashed in this little game of high school.
Seems reasonable. If they have nothing to hide, then why don't they simply answer his challenge? Also check out Allman's clincher:
Bottom line: Don't F*** with me. I ate political BSers for breakfast for 14 years and I smell bacon again.

Here's the screenshot:


  1. He is what's wrong with St. Louis

  2. Who? Allman? I'm not sure about that. I don't agree with him on almost anything, but from the couple times I've heard his show I feel like he is at least more honest about where he's coming from than folks like Loesch and Hennessy.

    Granted, I'm not an expert, but it seems to me like Allman has a set of beliefs and values that I disagree with, but he fairly consistently follows those beliefs and values. He's not afraid to call out Republican politicians or even folks like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh when he disagrees with them. On the other hand, Loesch and Hennessy literally change their standards every day depending on who they want to attack and what deal they're trying to work.

    Maybe I'm just too naive, but it seems to me that if the tea party was run by folks like Allman or Jay Stewart, there would at least be space for conversation. Right now, the tea party is nothing more than a propaganda machine.

  3. Yes Adam, you're right about Allman. As a conservative, I certainly don't agree with everything he says, but he's okay with that. He stands by his values and he is as consistent today as he was several years ago.

    The interesting thing I've caught with him v. Loesch, is just how much they DO disagree on fundamental beliefs. IE: Allman was on-air one evening talking about how "some" conservatives were overreacting to Scott Brown's independence. Allman stood by Brown, saying Brown was holding true to his convictions. Good for Brown!

    Literally ten minutes later, Loesch came on her program ranting about how the TP "put Brown in office" (wrong) and how Brown had better remember how he got into office. Taking credit for Brown's election, in the same way Loesch takes credit for Scozafava's defeat. AS IF she had anything to do with it.

    In summary, you are right to acknowledge Allman's sense of fairness, (mostly) sensible beliefs.

    Good on you.

  4. It should be interesting to see what this means for Ms. Loesch. Allman helped a lot in getting her on the radio in the first place, but Hennessy's the Tea Party guy. If those guys can't mend fences, where does that leave Dana?

    Thank you for your reporting on this -- it's an amazing soap opera.

  5. I used to listen to Allman a lot when my moderately conservative dad liked 97.1. I say liked in the past tense because they have gone so far to the right by giving Sarah Palin wannabes like Dana Loesch a platform that they are now irrelevant. That said, I respect Allman because he shoots straight from the hip.