Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oops! Gateway Pundit Disproves Tea Party Conspiracy Theorists...including Gateway Pundit!

Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft wrote a triumphant blog post today claiming that the tea party's "army of videographers" disproved the statement by the Quincy Police explaining why the riot police were summoned during yesterday's protest of President Obama. Who knows if his claims are true, given that the Tea Party has a known record of deliberately editing video to be misleading and worship at the feet of Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe, the two people who's names are practically synonymous with "misleading editing."

But what's really hilarious is that Jim Hoft, in his out-of-breath rant attempting to show how "hip" and "tech savvy" the tea party is, admitted that the Quincy Police called in the riot squad. Here's what Hoft had to say:
The Quincy Police Department released a statement today following the embarrassing incident yesterday when they called in the SWAT squad to quash the peaceful tea party protest outside the convention center during Barack Obama’s visit.
This is in stark contrast to the tea party conspiracy theory that had been repeated over and over since yesterday that it was "Obama" or "Obama's team" who called the riot police, against the wishes of the local police force. To wit, I give you:

Bill Hennessy:

Jim Durbin:

Lobbyist Carl Bearden (also with Americans for Prosperity):

Gina Loudon (links to post that claims Obama sent in riot police):

Dana Loesch:

Special Dana Loesch Bonus: check out this hilarious claim from Loesch:

Loesch, being the top-notch schmournalist that she is, gets the inside scoop on who *really* ordered the riot police out from Doug Edelman, a guy who believes that President Obama is not a citizen of the United States.

Adam Sharp;

Congressional candidate Ed Martin, painfully wrong for the 2nd time in two days:

And of course, Gateway Pundit Himself:

My personal theory: they're trying as hard as they can to distract from the fact that they only got 150 people to protest Obama.


  1. People who want to be "hip"? Bah! Hipsters are overated...and they suck. Why the hell would anyone want to be a hipster?

    Another thing to bring up is the Tea Party does not have an Army of Videographers...unless Adam Sharp has a cloning device in his back yard, and a bulk supply of little pink cameras and fake SEIU T-shirts.

    "Go in to the night my children and KILL!"

    On another note, what is so great about Quincy? They are across the river from Hannibal. It is like visiting a white East St. Louis. I think President Obama went to Quincy to realize what was out in that direction.

    At least he got to visit Macon. Long Branch State Park is pretty nice. I'd pick camping there over going to the Ozarks anyday.

    While I know the reason he went there was not to check out Long Branch Lake, but an Ethanol Plant (which BTW, ethanol is TOXIC to honeybees), the fact that Macon has a Tea Party should tell you the demographic that lives out in rural Missouri. On the other hand, did anyone in Macon show up in their Tractors or Harvesters to protest? Where's the soybean and corn farmer? Macon is known for the animal auction house in that direction? Where's the auctionman to protest?

    It's probably because these folks are all too busy doing farm work to care about that stuff.

  2. Bushido, they definitely had a lot of people with cameras there: Sharp, Durbin, Hoft, Michelle Moore, Doug Edelman, and Patch Adams are just the ones I know.

    Also, interestingly enough, the rally in Macon was organized by the Missouri GOP but they called it a tea party. The two groups are now completely indistinguishable! (I should note, though, that in some parts of Missouri there actually are tea parties that are not merely pawns of the Republican Party: just not in St. Louis).

  3. Crap...I'm talking out of my ass tonight.
    That is the second time this evening I posted something and mis-read the artcle.

    It was QUINCY that had the swat department. Still...I didn't know Adams County had a SWAT team.

  4. Ah, there they go there own.