Friday, April 2, 2010

Local Tea Party Lies Again to Get on Fox News

The St. Louis Tea Party is up to their usual tricks, blatantly lying as an excuse to get on Fox News. The Tea Party claimed on their blogs that Illinois Congressman Phil Hare said that, "he didn't care about the constitution." What Congressman Hare actually said was, "I don't worry about the constitution on this, to be honest," which is pretty obviously a completely different statement. Saying, "I don't worry about it on this bill," is the equivalent of saying, "I'm confident that the bill is constitutional." It's not saying that you don't care at all about the constitution, and anyone who suggests that it is is obviously being willfully ignorant.

Well, we've got plenty of willfully ignorant people in the St. Louis tea party.

Adam Sharp blatantly lied:

Gateway Pundit blatantly lied:

Dana Loesch, blatently lied:

By the way, remember when tea partiers freaked out about pointing out that someone used a racial slur if that someone is the father of a marine? Or when they said that it's not OK to criticize tea party members for flying the American flag upside down as long as it was done by a veteran? Well, Congressman Hare served six years in the Army Reserves, and that doesn't stop them from blatently lying about him.


  1. Get ready for some desperate last attempts by the local tea party, to manipulate/confuse/scare people into voting against Prop A. They will be pathetic and full of lies and half-truths.

  2. The TP'ers didn't take the remark out of context. They removed the context. And it would've been nice to hear the actual question that Cong. Hare was responding to.

    Maybe I can edit Martin from next week's rally in Arnold to show him saying "The Health Care bill is...good for America!" or some such. You can use an ellipsis to make someone say just about anything.