Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update: Beat the Tea Party Now Has More Donors Than Stop the Prop, But Still Short on Total Cash

An update on my Beat the Tea Party Birthday Fundraising Challange: as of today, there have been 26 wonderful donors to my birthday cause Missouri Jobs with Justice, one more than the tea party's Stop the Prop campaign that the local media tried to portray as a huge political movement:

I guess that means, according to St. Louis media standards, that my birthday is now a "major grassroots uprising." I eagerly await my invitation to speak on KMOX.

But those of you who read the recent poll showing that tea partiers were wealthier than the general population will not be surprised to find out that despite my lead in donors, I'm still behind in the total amount of cash. I've raised $628 so far compared to the $750 they got from their smaller base of support. But YOU can change all of that by going here and donating a small amount! As an added bonus, I'll note that Jobs with Justice will be sure to use the money strategically to work for economic justice, whereas the tea party apparently spent all of their money on Nutella and mustache trimming supplies.

One final thought; 14 days after the vote on Proposition A, the Stop the Prop group has yet to update their website or email their alleged supporters. Just one more sign that this was never a serious campaign, and that our local media is way too eager to promote the narrative that the tea party is a major political force without bothering to do any investigative work.

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  1. LOL @ Nutella. Oh and bacon also too.