Monday, November 1, 2010

Fringers Illegally Park in Handicapped Spot While Trying to Harass Carnahan

Some strange fringe Republicans have been going around trying to harass Congressman Carnahan in a pathetic attempt at street theater (remember, tea partiers just don't understand comedy). In their first video, they got really angry that the staff at the Congressman's office was not willing to illegally accept partisan material:

(note: this video is from Adam Sharp, although its not clear if he shot the footage)

Amazingly, their second attempt , which this time was at the actual campaign office on Chippewa, was an even bigger FAIL. For no reason whatsoever, they decided to illegally park in a handicapped spot while they were doing their moronic skit! Here's some video footage of their car illegally parked at a handicapped spot for no reason.

So yeah, not exactly a surprise that this guy supports Ed Martin.

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  1. OMG! This guy says that he was "thrown out." Typical Tea Party lies. Those women couldn't have been nicer.