Monday, November 22, 2010

Ed Martin Would Have Already Solved Crime Problem By Now!

Apologies for stealing that headline before Jake Wagman could think of it, but I couldn't help but notice that Ed Martin seems to be very bitter about the election. So bitter, in fact, that he's taken to suggesting that crime in St. Louis is somehow Congressman Russ Carnahan's fault:

This makes total sense because, as everyone knows, U.S. Congressmen are the people most responsible for crime rates in nearby urban centers (as well the arbitrary method CQ uses to declare "the most dangerous city"). If only Carnahan had voted yes on the Let's Make Sure to Stop Crime in St. Louis Amendment!

Since Ed Martin was so shamelessly willing to use this unfortunate news to attack Carnahan, I decided to check out what old Ed's amazing crime fighting plan was. And lo and behold, I found out that Ed doesn't include crime at all on his issues page. In fact, if you search his website for "crime", you'll find that he doesn't mention it at all except while busy ranting about terrorists, illegal immigration, or Russ Carnahan. In other words, he says nothing at all about crime in St. Louis, yet is now using it to attack Carnahan.

Anyway, given tonight's weather, I thought I'd add my own contribution to Ed Martin's thoughtful discourse:

Update: Ed Martin gives a really lame explanation:

Eric Hoffpauir weighs in on Martin's claim:

Also worth noting, I searched Ed Martin's website for mentions of funding police in St. Louis and Jefferson County and found none. Again, it's silly for him to be making this an issue now when he didn't talk about it at all during the election.


  1. I think Ed also had plans to improve the Rams and get the Blues to the Stanley Cup too. Not sure what he could do with Pujols though.

  2. I'm sure he would've done something about these pesky TSA love pats, too. Darn that you people didn't elect him.

  3. Hey Ed, My Egg McMuffin is cold!

  4. You know what else Russ Carnahan can be blamed for?
    * Wild Bears. (Obviously.)
    * Juggalos
    * Blue skies! (Everyone know they should be Chartreuse!)
    * Round Wheels! (We should have the right to buy SQUARE tires! Why stop at square tires. Triangles are the wave of the future!)
    * Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs

  5. Maybe Ed Martin could perform his Moses act and hold forth his staff and turn the Mississippi River into purified water. Or he could put on his Spiderman costume and mask and round up all the crooks singlehandedly and leave his note: Your friendly neighborhood Martin-man. What delusions does this man suffer from? The causes I won't go into but my greatest worry is that people just blindly follow him like some sort of Pied Piper of south St. Louis...